Ad Fraud & Compliance - A Guide for Performance Marketers


What you'll learn:

  • How modern ad fraud has affected affiliate marketers across devices, campaign types, and verticals.
  • The most popular forms of ad fraud in today’s market and how to shield your brand against fraudsters and bots.
  • Modern compliance practices that ensure your brand quality standards are being enforced and upheld for all partners.
  • Where ad fraud is headed next and what measures marketers need to take in order to stay ahead of the curve.
"Compliance is a primary pillar of our business. Our uniquely proactive approach to fraud protection has not only allowed us to protect our marketers but has enabled us to introduce new and innovative compliance technologies and best practices to the performance marketing space. We’re excited to share our findings and methodologies in hopes that they will continue to help the industry as a whole in the fight against digital ad fraud.”

Brad Dobbins - Chief Operating Officer, Perform[cb]

Ad Fraud & Compliance: A Guide for Performance Marketers

PerformanceIN, 2021